Ric Hassani has disclosed that his song has caused many women to leave their marriages.


Speaking on the NaijaTalk Podcast with LITV hosts, the Thunder Fire You singer said he now has to watch what he sings because many women have told him they left their relationships or marriages after listening to his song and realising they deserve to be with a gentleman like him.


LITV NaijaTalk: "Many girls have left their relationship because of me" - Ric Hassani speaks (video)


“I have people that’ll tell me, ‘I heard your song and your song made me leave my husband’.


” ‘When I heard the song, I just knew I needed a Gentleman,  I had to leave my husband because..’ I’m telling you oh.


“Many girls have really left their relationship because of me. That’s why I have to be sure of what I’m saying.”


He went on to talk about afrobeats, rising to stardom without having a record label and more.


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