According to President Buhari, keeping every election campaign promise he made in 2015 and 2019 has not let Nigerians down.


According to a statement made by Femi Adesina, a presidential advisor, the President made this declaration on January 23 during a meeting with Dr. Rilwanu Adamu, the Emir of Bauchi.



“Whenever I travel for business or pleasure to a state, I usually pay a visit to the Emir and the Chief to express my gratitude.

I want to point out that from 2003 to 2011, I visited every local government, and in 2019, when I was running for re-election for a second term, I visited every state in the Federation. The number of people who came out to see me was greater than anything anyone could pay for or expect. I promised and vowed that I would do everything in my power to serve Nigeria and Nigerians, and so far, I have not let anyone down.



The Ministry of Health claims to be uninformed of the supposed fatal flu that has apparently killed some people, including Nigerians, and is spreading in China and other nations.


On social media, there have been rumors spreading that China is being hit by the terrible flu and that some people, including Nigerians, have already died from it.

However, while speaking at a press conference in Abuja on Monday, January 23, the Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, said neither the World Health Organisation (WHO) nor the US Centre for Disease Control (US-CDC) has contacted the Federal Ministry of Health regarding the reported deadly flu spreading in China. He said the Federal government cannot authenticate the veracity of the claims surrounding alleged presence of the deadly flu. He added that neither Chinese Embassy in Nigeria has contacted the Federal Ministry of Health on any disease outbreak as against the practice of formal notification of any of such public health issue from China.


In his words;


“We can’t verify the case of the reported deadly flu now. However, we are on the lookout for anything of public health concern because it’s our duty to protect the health of our people. However, we have referred the matter to Director General of Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and Port Health Services so they can be at alert.

Sincerely speaking, the messages on social media about the deadly flu in China is odd and strange to us. The ideal situation is that whenever there’s such an outbreak of any flu or deadly disease anywhere, we hear it first from WHO. But up till now, WHO has not contacted us with any information about the flu neither has the Chinese embassy communicated to us on that matter.

Usually, the Chinese embassy in Nigeria will send an official to communicate to us in case of any such thing but that has not been done. So, we are wondering about the authenticity of the report going around in the social and some conventional media. However, we are yet to get any confirmation from the right organisations.

Evidently, this is the season where people generate stories, true or false, and throw it into the media space to cause unnecessary reactions, positive or negative, among the people. Nevertheless, we are monitoring the situation and we take seriously, everything we hear and see.

But in summary, any outbreak of such would be diagnosed by WHO and they would send necessary advisory and other relevant information regarding such outbreak. So, we should disregard this report and take it with a big ‘pinch of salt”


Yesterday, January 18, at the Nigeria Labour Congress’ offices, a tumultuous scene was captured as the congress’ National President, Ayuba Wabba, clashed with civil officials who were demanding answers on a botched housing initiative for them.


According to the Daily Sun, Chief Emeka Anuna, the chairman of the NLC/TUC Good Homes Scheme, and a small group of federal civil officials protested outside the NLC headquarters in Abuja over their N1 billion investment in a housing development at Apo Mechanic Village.


Anuna claimed that although the public servants complied with all eligibility standards, the Federal Government, along with the NLC and an estate agent by the name of Good Homes, refused to provide them the homes.

The Chairman of NLC/TUC Good Homes further alleged that some of the civil servants borrowed money from the banks and co-operative societies in their offices since 2012 to pay for the houses, but 10 years after, they are yet to get the houses or their money.


Anuna also claimed that while some had died without getting their houses, others had retired or posted out of Abuja without getting their houses. He said this was against the promise that they would get keys to their houses six months after a 10 per cent payment.


He said;


“We were meant to key into a housing scheme at Apo Tafia (mechanic village) which is powered by the Federal Government and given to NLC and TUC. Most of our  members have met all the financial requirements. The delivery period was for six months. This is 10 years and nothing has happened.

“Some people paid the full financial obligations. Some paid N46 million. Some, N12 million, some paid  N12. 4 million for three-bedroom house. Some paid 10 per cent of the total sum. The agreement was that if you pay 10 per cent,  in six months you’ll get your keys. It was a virgin land and all interested civil servants bought into it”


The workers had earlier protested at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) minister’s house between 8 am and 9 am before going to the NLC’s headquarters between 10 am and 11am.


The publication reported that after staging their protest, the NLC president ran after them, held the workers’ chairman by the jugular and hotly engaged him in a fight.

He allegedly instructed his security men to bundle the chairman to his office but the other  workers with him stoutly resisted the security men.


It was further alleged that while Ayuba Wabba and Anuna engaged in an altercation, the thugs on the side of the NLC were busy snatching and smashing journalists’ cameras and phones which the journalists used to record the event.


The publication also reported that Ayuba allegedly threatened to sack Anuna’s wife from the International Labour Organisation (ILO), now known as International Trade Union Congress (ITUC).

Usman Alkali Baba, the inspector general of police (IGP), has had his contract extended by the federal government and won’t be leaving office in the middle of this year’s general elections, according to Minister of Police Affairs Mohammed Dingyadi.


After the first Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting of 2023, Dingyadi spoke with State House Correspondents and explained that the Police Act 2020 had altered the guidelines for an IGP’s retirement.

He said;


“I don’t know where you got your record but let me say that by the provision of the Police Act 2020, the IG is now supposed to have a kind of four-year period and Mr. President has already given him a letter of appointment in that regard.

“So the issue of IG going out during this election period does not arise.”


Dingyadi also disclosed that FEC approved the draft bill for an Act to establish Nigeria Police Institutions, which he said is to provide legal backing to the existing training institutions across the country and not to build new ones.


The Minister also insisted that the level of corruption within the Nigeria Police has drastically reduced.



Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, made the shocking revelation that she is stepping down while also announcing that the country will hold elections in October of this year.


Thursday, January 18, during the party’s annual caucus meeting, Ardern declared that she “no longer had enough in the tank” to carry out the duties.

During an emotional news conference, the 42-year-old, who was elected New Zealand’s prime leader in 2017, fought back tears.


She uttered: “It’s now. Being in such a privileged position comes with responsibilities, so I’m leaving. the duty to recognize when you are qualified to lead and when you are not I am aware of what this profession entails. And I understand that I’m running out of gas to do it justice. It’s that easy.”

She will no longer serve as a member of parliament as of February 7, but she will remain so until the year’s end election.


“Politicians are human, just as I am. For as long as we can, we offer everything we have. Then the time comes. And it’s time for me, “She spoke. Over the summer vacation, Ardern said she thought about whether or not she had the stamina to carry on in the position and came to the conclusion that she did not.


Ayoade Akinninbosun, one of the main suspects in the Offa robbery attack, testified in court that Abba Kyari, the embattled former head of the Intelligence Response Team (IRT) squad, allegedly offered him N10 million in exchange for his testimony against former Senate President Bukola Saraki in the armed robbery case.


Akinninbosun further said that Kyari offered to grant him a visa to any country of his choosing if he chose to accuse Saraki during the resumed trial on Wednesday, January 18, at the Kwara State High Court in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, but he declined the offer.

During cross-examination by the Defence Counsel, Mathias Emeribe (SAN), Akinninbosun said;


“He said I should admit and say Saraki was the one who asked us to go and rob. I told him I won’t do that. That I will rather die for what I didn’t do than to lie against an innocent man.

“He asked me to think over his offer very well. At this point he ordered officers Hassan and Moshood to return me to the cell. A separate one different from where others are and they should stop torturing me.”


Akinninbosun said he was not allowed to write any statement in Ilorin except his bio-data, until they were conveyed to Abuja in a tinted bus, where he was later kept in a place called “abattoir”.


The suspect maintained that Saraki had nothing to do with the robbery case. He added;


“We were like 15 to 20 taken to Abuja, I only know a few of them. We were put outside and served meals, but I couldn’t eat because my hands were paralyzed due to the torture I went through in their hands in Ilorin. They asked Kunle Ogunleye to feed me.

“They separated five of us, put us in the generator house and Officer Hassan Attila ordered they brought some men. They went to bring five Fulani men. They brought them and killed them all in my presence.

“I was told that was not a film. He asked me to stretch my legs and shot my right leg. He shot the second leg but when I tried shifting the leg, it hit my tomb.”


Akinninbosun went on to show the gunshot wound on his legs to the court. According to him, one of the robbery suspects, Micheal Adikwu, was shot dead in his presence, a situation that got him terrified and made him agree to implicate Saraki in a prepared statement before the press.


The case has been adjourned till February 13, 2023.


Abiodun Alabi, the commissioner of police for Lagos State, has urged the state’s political parties to abstain from using violence during the upcoming general election.


Alabi made the remarks on Tuesday, January 17, at a meeting of stakeholders on election security that the Lagos State Police Command had organized in the state’s Ikeja district.

The meeting of the state’s stakeholders included representatives from political parties, the police, the Independent National Electoral Commission, and the chiefs of the state’s security agencies.


“A free and fair election is the hallmark of democracy,” said Alabi. “We, as crucial participants in the provision of security during the polls, have the obligation to guarantee that it is done in a peaceful and orderly way devoid of rancor, malevolence, brigandage, and thuggery.

“To achieve this, we urge the leadership of all political parties to re-dedicate themselves to undertaking their campaigns and electoral activities within the dictates of the Electoral Act 2022.

“In the same vein, during this electoral process, the police request the political actors gathered here to pledge to denounce electoral violence, hate speech, and other negative tendencies before, during, and after the votes.”


Alabi warned political thugs, cultists and other troublemakers against disrupting the electoral process.


He said: “Parents should equally warn their children to be law-abiding because we won’t listen to anybody when we arrest any troublemaker.


“We want to assure you that no cultists or political thugs would be allowed in the state. We are going to ensure that no political party’s supporters would be intimidated in the state.”


Alabi added that political violence, hate speech, threats, political intolerance, misinformation, and political extremism are potent threats to democracy and national security.


He said: “I, therefore, challenge the leadership of political parties and candidates, who are critical gatekeepers of our democracy, to demonstrate purposeful and patriotic leadership that will guarantee a peaceful electoral process and to develop a culture of political tolerance and display of political maturity by allowing healthy competition among themselves.”



Insurgency sponsors of Boko Haram have been charged with plotting to partition Nigeria, according to President Muhammadu Buhari.


Speaking after receiving the African Award for Strengthening the Peace, Buhari asserted that those who support such endeavors never had the best intentions.

The President said;


 “Boko Haram is false. You say western education is ungodly. It’s fraudulent. Whoever is financing them just wants to split the country. All the grounds they seized before we came have been recovered, and the rebuilding process is going on well.”


Buhari also revealed that his administration has spent $1bn to recover territories seized by terrorists.


According to him, these monies would have been better spent on critical infrastructure such as healthcare and education.


He added;


“When I assumed power in 2015, Boko Haram held about two-thirds of Borno State, half of Yobe State, and a couple of local government areas in Adamawa State, all in the North-East of Nigeria.

“We have been able to retrieve these swathes of territories by investing over $1bn to acquire hard and software weaponry from the US and other friendly countries to carry out sustained operations against insurgency since 2015.

“Our Armed Forces and those of our partners in the Multinational Joint Task Force (consisting of Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Benin Republic and Nigeria) continue to demonstrate great bravery while paying the ultimate price in securing our collective freedom.

“Despite the difficult times we face, we continue to spend very scarce and lean resources to ensure that we have a well-resourced military force to take on this task. Ideally, these are resources that could be spent on education, healthcare, infrastructure and other social services, but without peace, we have learnt the hard way that our children cannot go to school or seek good healthcare.”


Hope Uzodimma, the governor of Imo state, has stated that the Independent National Electoral Commission, or INEC, will receive enough protection for the planned distribution of permanent voter’s cards, or PVC, in the state.

When Uzodimma visited the Imo police command on the police shooting of three thugs who stormed INEC headquarters along the Port Harcourt route in Owerri early on Monday, he revealed this to reporters there.

The governor blamed the incident on local politicians who had vowed to rig the election and make Imo state unruly.

According to Uzodimma, “You can see why INEC, is the target if you collaborate it with the past where I have continuously said that what is happening in the Imo state is politically inclined and that Imo state will be ungovernable and there will be no election in Imo state.

“However, Security agencies are prepared. INEC is prepared and there will be an election in Nigeria. I was told the majority of them who came on this journey are lying critically ill, some are neutralised and others fled with gunshot injuries. The police are ever committed. The other sister agencies are also committed to ensuring security in the state.”

“My assurance is that we will have a very beautiful environment for Christmas God’s willing. Because in everything we do on this earth the will of God must prevail. This is a holy week. The period our lord Jesus Christ was born. The anointing and blessings bring peace in Imo.

“Also, we urge our people to come out and collect their PVC, there will be security agencies from the ward, local government areas to the state level. It will be a fruitful exercise. Let us remind our people that the collection of voters card is key and the government in collaboration with the security agencies will do our best, Uzodimma said.

Former minister of state for mines and steel development, Uche Ogah has been convicted by an Abia state magistrate court in Umuahia for forgery.

In a lawsuit marked UMSC/362/2022 and filed by Abia state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), it was alleged that Ogah fabricated the party’s direct primary result sheet “with intent that it may be acted on as genuine”, despite not participating in the party’s May 26, 2022 governorship primary.

The party which stated that the offence is in contravention of section 465 of the Criminal Code (as it applies in Abia) and punishable under section 467, added that Ogah’s “falsification” was detrimental to the party and Ikechi Emenike, whom the party recognises as its “authentic governorship flagbearer”.


The presiding magistrate, Ngozi Nwangwa who ruled on the case said;


“I’m convinced that the defendant has no defence.

“I hereby commit Dr Uche Ogah for the offence as charged.”


Acknowledging Ogah’s absence during the court proceeding, the magistrate gave security agencies an order to arrest him wherever he may be and hold him in any correctional facility until the day he is brought to court for sentencing.


It was also learnt that the Minister who had no legal representative during the case, has failed to appear before the court since November when the matter came up for hearing.