European Super League: Other 14 Premier League clubs discussing sanctions for Arsenal, Liverpool, Man. U, Man.City, Chelsea and Tottenham

The other 14 Premier League clubs have started discussing if the ‘Big Six’ clubs Arsenal, Liverpool, Machester. United, Manchester City Chelsea and Tottenham should face sanctions after they abandoned their plans to join a European Super League,


According to Sky Sports News, the talks are ongoing but the other 14 Premier League clubs are divided on whether the ‘Big Six’ should face sanctions.


One senior club official to the publication that they want to pursue the possibility of punishments because they feel there is a clear breach of Premier League rules, and a precedent must be set to act as a deterrent to possible future breakaways.


Premier League Rule L9 says any member club needs prior written approval by the Board to enter a new competition, and this official says that rule has “patently been broken” by the rebels signing an agreement to join the proposed Super League.


An executive at another Premier League club has told Sky Sports News that any sanction imposed on the ‘Big Six’, such as points deductions or fines would hurt the wrong people – the players, managers, and, crucially, the fans of those clubs.


Instead, they advocate the Premier League rules being tightened for the future, but they say the ‘Big Six’ should be welcomed back into the fold quickly, because “there has to be a measure of realism” here, with those six clubs so crucial to the “overall commercial and sporting success” of the league.


Another meeting of the 14 Premier League clubs is expected to take place later today to discuss what should happen next.

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