#EuropeanSuperLeague: 14 angry clubs set to tell Big Six clubs to leave the premier league

14 premier league clubs have held an emergency meeting where they all reportedly agreed to tell the big six ‘rebel’ clubs to quit the Premier League over their decision to set the European Super league.

The big six clubs- Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal are part of the clubs who released a statement on Monday announcing their desire to set up their own European Super League to rival the UEFA champions league.

The big six argue they don’t make as much money as their brands deserve and feel that with the new ESL they will make much more money than given to them by UEFA. A deal is already in place to give the top six clubs a starting £310m to start up the ESL.


#EuropeanSuperLeague: 14 angry clubs set to tell Big Six clubs to leave the premier league

But the other 14 top-flight teams are planning their revenge, agreeing in a meeting on Monday to remove the top six from the premier league while UEFA also plans to kick the clubs out of Europe on Friday..

The top six believe they will be better served financially in their own European league and have already filed legal injunctions against UEFA to prevent the body from punishing them for setting up their own league.


At a Prem meeting on Tuesday April 20, from which the six giants have been excluded the other teams are set to agree to demand United, Liverpool, City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs all leave the league at the end of the season.

The outsiders are angry at what they called “underhanded” dealing by the Big Six, despite previous promises of unity collective agreements to back the Prem.

Clubs are said to be “angry and dismayed” at the actions of the Six, with a call for disciplinary charges and for the League to officially confirm they will not be granted permission to join the £4.6billion scheme.

But expelling the top six clubs is one option that is being discussed by club chiefs and one exec said: “Lots of options are being explored. They have underestimated the opposition.”

Under Prem rule B6, it would take a vote of three quarters of the 20 clubs to boot any of the Big Six out.


With a maximum of 14 clubs backing any such call, they would fall one vote short.


But Rule B11 gives “discretion, right and power” to the League’s Board – chief exec Richard Masters, chairman Gary Hoffman and non-exec director Kevin Beeston – to act in “sole and absolute discretion” to make “final and binding” rulings that are “not subject to appeal”.

Executives of the smaller clubs have hit out at the top clubs and their scheme to enrich themselves .

Aston Villa chief exec Christian Purslow said: “These proposals do away with sporting merit.

“It would enable a small number of clubs to be in this competition come what may and, for millions of people in football, that goes against everything the sport means and stands for.”

While Crystal Palace owner Steve Parish added: “This is creating a gilded elite that will not be challenged.

“If you can imagine uniting every football fan, every chief executive, every politician, Boris Johnson, [France President Emmanuel] Macron… a whole group of people who couldn’t agree on anything suddenly coming out instantly condemning something. So, it feels like a busted flush.”

Leeds owner Andrea Radrizzani said: “Absolutely against the sporting spirit, the dream of millions of fans to conquer the champions on the field, with planning, vision, work.

“Kill dreams of players and fans. The teams are fans and WE are custodians of the club.”

Denmark FA chief Jesper Moller revealed: “The Super league clubs who are still in Europe must go, and I expect that to happen on Friday.

“Then we have to find out how to finish the Champions League.”

Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin also threatened to ban England and overseas stars including Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Cristiano Ronaldo and Antoine Griezmann from Euro 2020.

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