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Religion leaders are urged by Adebayo not to participate in improper political behavior.

Adewale Adebayo, the Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) nominee for president, has counseled religious leaders to engage in politics but to avoid corrupt practices.

The difficulties that Nigeria is facing have a spiritual component, according to Adebayo, who was addressing on Tuesday in Abuja during an interactive session with the national leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

Adebayo asserted that religious authorities had a duty to approach all civic actions from a moral and spiritual standpoint.

“The Church is the final reservoir in this nation. Participate in our politics, but don’t align yourself with us in our methods.

We are where we are now because of the way we operate. Teach us a new technique because it is obvious that human systems are flawed.

“Recently, two countries created a recognizable stability, as we have noticed. The USA is one of them. They chose a particular kind of leadership in their most recent election, and they had a variety of hitherto unexperienced crises. But they were able to bounce back and choose a different course.

When the Israelites were under Saul, they turned to God, and God instructed Samuel not to appoint another King in the House of Jesse using a circular standard. Therefore, whatever issue we have should not come into your hands.

“The battle for leadership in Nigeria has it own spiritual dimension. That is where you will pray for us rather than join us in political mathematics, so that you guide us on the right leadership.”

He advised the church to continue to raise quality leadership leaders, saying there were five qualities a leader must have, of which the Church contributed significantly to building them in leaders

The qualities, according to him, include the truth, justice, competence, commitment and compassion.


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