UK may list Nigeria as travel risk following travel review

The UK is likely to move Nigeria, Jamaica, and Grenada to the list of countries considered travel risks.


The British government has a COVID-19 travel list that classifies countries into red, amber, or green list. There are different rules for entry into the UK for countries in each of the lists.

Those in countries on the red list will only be allowed to enter the UK if they are British or Irish Nationals, or they have residence rights in the UK.


Nigeria is currently on the amber list of countries and territories, but it could assume a red list if situation report about the COVID-19 infection rate does not improve.

Countries are automatically assumed to be amber unless they present a low public health risk, which will mean they become green, or a high public health risk, which will see them turn red.


A British data expert, Tim White, said Nigeria is among the countries that could be moved to the red list today. He said Jamaica and Grenada could also be added to the red list.


White added that St Lucia is also at risk because infection rates increased after the last travel review, but they are now declining and the case numbers are low overall, leading him to suspect that the country will be spared.


So far, Covid cases in Nigeria have been increasing. The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) reported on Thursday morning, Sept. 16, that it recorded three Covid-19-deaths and 299 new infections in 15 states and the Federal Capital Territory on Wednesday, September 15.

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