After saving their teenage son from drowning in the water, brave parents perish.

A brave Brazilian couple has died after jumping into the ocean to save their 13-year-old son from drowning.


The tragedy occurred on the morning of January 10, while Felisberto Sampaio, 43, his wife, Inalda Sampaio, 42, and their son were visiting Camaçari Beach in João Pessoa, in the state of Paraíba, according to a report by Jam Press .


Their holiday experience got disrupted after Felisberto and Inalda noticed their son struggling in the surf. The parents ventured out into the waves to try to save him but drowned in their rescue attempt.


Brave parents die after trying to save teenage son from drowning in ocean

Thankfully, their son was eventually rescued by local fishermen and another family member.

Shortly after that, emergency services arrived and hauled the couple out of the water. They tried to revive the brave parents, but to no avail, as both died on the spot.

The now-orphaned teen was subsequently treated by medics on the beach and transported to the hospital, where he is reportedly recovering.

The victims’ local priest Leonardo Meneses has since paid tribute to the courageous couple.

“I know the circumstances are very painful and difficult for us to understand,” the bereaved religious figure said.


“Only eternity will explain to us all the mysteries of life.”


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