Former UK Prime minister, Boris Johnson has said Russian president, Vladimir Putin threatened him with a missile strike in an “extraordinary” phone call in the run-up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


The then-prime minister said Putin told him it “would only take a minute”.

Johnson said the comment was made after he warned Putin the war would be an “utter catastrophe” during a “very long” call in February 2022.


Details of the conversation are revealed in a new BBC documentary, “Putin vs the West” examining Mr Putin’s interactions with world leaders before invasion of Ukraine.


Johnson warned Putin that invading Ukraine would lead to Western sanctions and more Nato troops on Russia’s borders.

He also tried to deter Russian military action by telling Putin that Ukraine would not join Nato “for the foreseeable future”.

“He threatened me at one point, and he said, ‘Boris, I don’t want to hurt you but, with a missile, it would only take a minute’ or something like that. Jolly.

“But I think from the very relaxed tone that he was taking, the sort of air of detachment that he seemed to have, he was just playing along with my attempts to get him to negotiate.”

President Putin had been “very familiar” during the “most extraordinary call”, Johnson said.


No one knows if Putin’s threat was genuine.

However, given previous Russian attacks on the UK – most recently in Salisbury in 2018 any threat from the Russian leader, however lightly delivered, is probably one Johnson would have had taken seriously.


Boris Johnson received a call from President Putin the day after he met Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv.Nine days later, on 11 February, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace flew to Moscow to meet his Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoigu.

In the documentary Wallace left with assurances that Russia would not invade Ukraine, but he said both sides knew it was a lie.

He described it as a “demonstration of bullying or strength, which is: I’m going to lie to you, you know I’m lying and I know you know I’m lying and I’m still going to lie to you.

“I think it was about saying ‘I’m powerful’,” Mr Wallace said.

He said the “fairly chilling, but direct lie” had confirmed his belief that Russia would invade.

As he left the meeting, he said Gen Valery Gerasimov – Russia’s chief of general staff – told him “never again will we be humiliated”.

Less than a fortnight later, as tanks rolled over the border on 24 February, Johnson said he received a phone call in the middle of the night from President Zelensky.

“Zelensky’s very, very calm,” Mr Johnson recalled. “But, he tells me, you know, they’re attacking everywhere.”

Johnson says he offered to help move the president to safety.

“He doesn’t take me up on that offer. He heroically stayed where he was.”


Marvin Mordi, a Nigerian activist, reportedly witnessed a recentlywed woman sneaking out of a hotel room in Asaba with another man, and he has since expressed disbelief.

“Fear married women in Asaba most of them knack more than single girls Wetin my eye see today my mouth no fit talk am…that’s gist for another day,” he wrote.


“How can a woman that just got married in December last year, your friends bought your Aso ebi for #25,000 each not even up to one month you have started sneaking out from a boy room in a hotel at Asaba what a shame. Men be wise you might be housing a professional prostitute In a disguise,”


“Some of them only wear their wedding rings at home. Once they leave the gate the handbag becomes the dwelling place of the wedding ring.


“As a married man always observe your wife don’t be too carried away with the painted love she is professing this ladies are something else.


“Be wise oooo Asaba don cast. Married ladies do not let single guys relate with single girls again oo. Justice for single girls. Justice for married men,”


“Dear men always go for spiritual check up, and be spiritual observant, if since you got married things went bad and not moving fine Nna check ur wife maybe someone is knacking her physical or spiritual…Good morning family!!!” he added.


 Activist left speechless after spotting newly married woman sneaking out of hotel room with another man in Asaba  Activist left speechless after spotting newly married woman sneaking out of hotel room with another man in Asaba  Activist left speechless after spotting newly married woman sneaking out of hotel room with another man in Asaba



The brain drain that has caused a labor shortfall in the nation’s medical industry has being addressed by the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD).


NARD’s president, Dr. Emeka Innocent Orji, issued a statement after the organization’s national executive council (NEC) meeting on January 29 in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, urging the Federal Ministry of Health to move quickly on the “one-for-one policy” to stop the nation’s brain drain.

Lamenting over the poor response of most state governments in domesticating the Medical Residency Training Act, 2017, six years after it was signed into law, NARD called on the federal government to urgently start the process of payment of the Medical Residency Training Fund (MRTF) for 2023 to enable its members use the funds for the February update courses and the March/April/May examination.


The group also asked the federal government to urgently pay the skipping arrears for 2014, 2015 and 2016 as well as the shortfall from the consequential adjustment of the minimum wage to deserving members.


The statement added;


 “The activities of the committee set up for the review of the Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) be hastened and that NARD should be carried along in the processes for her inputs to be made to avoid unnecessary outcomes.”


The federal government also urged the federal government, the Nigerian Governors’ Forum and other stakeholders to prevail on Governor Victor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia and his Ekiti, Imo and Ondo counterparts to pay 25, three, 10 and five months owed to their colleagues.


The country’s economic accomplishments from the first decade of the century are being undone by the government in power in the last decade, President Olusegun Obasanjo has warned.


Speaking at the Federal Government College’s 50th anniversary celebration in Kaduna, Obasanjo said that the nation’s economic predicament has worsened suffering and insecurity and reduced the effectiveness of leadership.

The former President who noted that appointments in government are now skewed and lopsided on basis of nepotism and mediocrity and disregard of merit and competence, added that the country has been deliberately divided along religious, ethnic and other fault lines.


He said;


“Once again, our nation is dancing on the precipice and some of us are truly worried about the state of affairs today. I expressed that worry in my open letter to Nigerians and Nigerian youths on New Year’s Day,” he said.

“As I stated in the letter; ‘If we fall prey again, we will have ourselves to blame and no one can say how many more knocks Nigeria can take before it tips over. To be forewarned is to be fore-armed.’ Of course, I pray that Nigeria will never tip over. We must constantly work at it and pray.

“My worry is premised on a number of issues. First, I am concerned that the current state of our nation’s economy has widened the gulf of inequality and left many people in despair. Inflation is on the rise; poverty and hardship have returned to many households. The last decade has reversed many of the economic gains that were made in the first decade of the century. There is a general sense of hopelessness across the nation with seemingly uncontrollable insecurity.

“In addition to the economic hardship is political mischief. Never have we been so politically divided along religious, ethnic and other fault lines and deliberately so. Appointments in government are skewed and lopsided on basis of nepotism and mediocrity and disregard of merit and competence.

“Elections are here and may compound the problem. Political parties and politicians have now been emboldened to discard some of the things that were put in place to give all groups a sense of belonging. Exclusion is being taken as normal. Disunity stares us in the face and many of our leaders are more concerned about their selfish interests than the survival and health of our nation.”


Obasanjo also warned that the coming presidential election is not one to be trifled with.


According to him, the concerns raised about the presidential candidates are real and Nigerians would have themselves to blame if they do nothing about the situation.


He said;


“Let me reiterate that the concerns being raised about the nature of the options before us in the presidential elections for instance are real and should not be trifled with,” the statement reads.

“Nigeria belongs to us all and no part of the country should be left in doubt about their place in this union on any basis whatsoever; ethnic, religious, language, region, culture or social standing.

“The beauty of democracy is that the options before us cannot be imposed on us if we all do what we need to do to send a message to those who have had the audacity to present those options to us with little or no interest for the 225 million Nigerians.

“If we choose to do nothing, we will only have ourselves to blame. If we choose to do the right thing, we will by so doing return this country on the right track; one which gives all our people a sense of belonging and a sense of unity of purpose and a stake in the project Nigeria; a project that will give all of us peace, security, stability, shared prosperity, hope and progress and a place within the comity of nations.”


The Nigerian government and military officials have come under fire from the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) for their silence after herdsmen were killed in an airstrike.


Remember that around 40 herders and butchers were reportedly killed on January 25 in Rukubi village, Doma, Nasarawa state, by what is believed to be military drone fire.

According to MACBAN, the silence is reprehensible and shows a lack of regard for the death of ordinary Nigerians.


The herders’ organisation who demanded an explanation for what it described as “intentional killing” of the pastoralists and butchers, further claimed that the herdsmen who were killed are “victims of high handedness of Benue State Government and the officers of the Makurdi-based Operation Whirl Stroke who deployed an aircraft/drone.”


MACBAN’s spokesman Muhammad Nura Abdullah said in a statement;


“If nothing, we expect the President to commiserate with families of the victims of this heinous crime.

“MACBAN recalls this is the third time in one year that the Air Force was involved in the bombing of pastoralists and livestock in Nasarawa, Benue and Taraba States.

“The recent killings constitute a war crime and a panel of inquiry must be constituted to find out on whose authority the drone/aircraft was used and punish the culprits.

“The trucks carrying the livestock were closely monitored until they reached the destination before the armed drone was unleashed on pastoralists.

“We find it shameful that while people were being killed, the president was enjoying a state dinner in Katsina State.

“We also call on the National Human Rights Commission to investigate this case and other cases involving shootings by the Air Force in Nasarawa.”


Police in Delta State have refuted reports that on January 24, one of their officers shot and killed a doctor in the Agbor region of the state.


Adja Harrison, the doctor, said that he had an interaction with a VIP convoy at Agbor on the day of the incident, during which one of the security personnel fired at his vehicle, according to a statement made by the state police command’s spokesperson, DSP Bright Edafe.

Both the identity of the VIP and the security guard who fired the shot are unknown.

According to the doctor’s registration number, the car is a privately registered and not a police vehicle, Edafe stated.

Edafe further stated that an investigation is ongoing to ascertain the identity of the security personnel that carried out the act, adding that it will be wrong to assume that the shooting was done by the police.

“The Command has written to the appropriate authority to furnish us with the details of the vehicle to ascertain the identity of the owner of the vehicle to enable us fish out the perpetrators. The command sues for calm as upon completion of the investigation, the public will be informed” he said


In an incident near a mining site in Hayin Udawa town, Chikun Local Government Area, Kaduna State, five miners were killed by robbers.


The victims were working at the scene when the attack happened. A community leader in the town who went by the name Muhammadu Umaru reportedly confirmed the incident to Daily Trust.

It was also learnt that the victims were from Udawa village. Umaru said;


“Five of our local miners were killed yesterday (Wednesday) while working in the bush. They were all from Udawa town. They usually go into the bush for mining activities but there were others who sustained gunshots.”


The community leader also disclosed that the scene of the attack was not far away from the site where bandits ambushed the personnel of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), killing seven as well as six miners a few weeks ago.



Individuals should have fewer expectations of men of God since they are also people, according to actress Mary Njoku.

In a post shared on her page this morning, the mum of three pointed out that people should learn to cut clergymen some slack. Read her post below..


Lower your expectations on Men of God. They are human beings - Actress Mary Njoku advises


The Redeemed Christian Church of God’s (RCCG) Assistant General Overseer, Prof. Folagbade Aboaba, passed away at the age of 90.


On Monday morning, Aboaba passed away following a brief illness. Prof. Folarin Alonge, national chairman of the Nigeria Institute of Agricultural Engineers, confirmed the cleric’s passing and remarked;


Prof. Fola Aboaba, one of our profession’s fathers, has left for home. He was an academician of academicians.

Prof. Folagbade Olajide Aboaba was a pioneering dean of the faculty of technology and an emeritus professor of agricultural engineering at the University of Ibadan (1976-1982). He had the honor of instructing both my undergraduate and graduate classes. He served as a mentor to many people as well as teachers.

“He was the Executive Secretary of Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (1992-1998). He was the founding Pro Chancellor of Redeemers University (2005-2013). He was the Chairman of Governing Council of Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO), Lagos (1976-1979).

“He died at the age of 90.

“I had a chat with him on Sept 15, 2022, when we were preparing of NIAE conference in Asaba (Delta State). His response to my asking about him is ‘Thank you. Ageing slowly but fine. Glory to God. God bless you’. Baba was a lovely, cheerful and good man.

“He was one of the founding members of the NIAE. He played significant role with other fathers in establishment of National Centre for Agricultural Mechanization, Ilorin. He made substantial contributions to the growth of NSAE (NIAE). His last major public lecture he delivered for NIAE was when we were invited to Presidential villa, Abuja in 2004 by the then Vice President. Late Prof John Ohu was the NIAE National Chairman then. He was always interested in hearing the progress NIAE is making.

“He was a member of American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) as well as Institution of Agricultural Engineers UK.

“May his soul find eternal rest in God.”


Following the increase in COVID-19 instances in several nations throughout the world, the federal government has issued a new directive.


Travelers entering Nigeria will now need to show proof of their COVID immunization.


Following the reported increase in COVID cases in nations including China, Japan, and the United States, Geoffrey Okatubo, Director of Port Health Services, who made the statement on Monday, January 23, further disclosed that they had increased surveillance at points of entry.

He said;


“Port health services has resumed checks of passengers’ vaccination status and will provide traffic data on inbound passengers from all over the world.

“All international travellers arriving Nigeria are now to provide evidence of vaccination at point of entry and it was agreed that unvaccinated passengers arriving from other countries may have to be vaccinated at the airport.

“The minister of health also recently approved that port health services should meet with other stakeholders such as the NCDC, and the ministry of aviation over the use of rapid diagnostic testing at points of entry.”